About HRBDx

HRBDx is a well respected national general contractor that is based out of New York City. We perform all phases of any construction project and have a highly skilled team of professionals on staff. This gives us the ability to start and finish a job while seamlessly managing competing deadlines and projects. By doing so we create the adaptability necessary to properly scale projects and meet the outlined completion times.


Why choose HRBDx?


We at HRBDx understand the Industry and know that the competition for any project is fierce and relentless. It is also a given that customer needs and expectations vary by project. Over the span of several decades we have evolved our business model based upon experience and client input to create the following distinct advantages in building our case for selecting HRBDx to manage your vision:


  • We perform all phases of any construction project.
  • Employ all of our own trades to support a fully streamlined project management and operational model.
  • Possess the capability to rapidly deploy resources in all phases of a project. This affords us stricter control over timelines and quality; both of which are critical components of not only our success but your success as well.


How does HRBDx achieve consistent results?


Prior to any project commencing, HRBDx believes that a quick, efficient and accurate bid process should yield the right level of visibility into related costs, timelines and resources. This is important for all parties involved. HRBDx works collaboratively throughout this process to ensure that the roadmap to satisfaction is set early. By doing so, we create value in preventing cost overruns, timely delays and resource conflicts. We accomplish this by engaging our world class project managers at the onset and build relationships with the designers, architects, developers and suppliers so that all inputs are accounted for and a properly designed pathway forward is created and agreed upon so as to ensure that all targets and milestones are accomplished.

How does HRBDx create value based outcomes?

We are able to drive value-based outcomes by leveraging our extensive experience and creating a presence on-site to work as key drivers of cost-effective construction. As soon as the planning phase ends and work is initiated, your HRBDx superintendent will be accessible everyday tracking progress against plan, monitoring the intricate construction details that effect progress and ensuring that all parties are working towards bringing the big picture vision to life. Our clients enjoy the advantages of real-time reporting, rapid response to changes and the confidence that their project is moving smoothly forward.


What Services does HRBDx Offer? 

We offer a range of services that enable success along each phase of a project. These specialties are as follows:

  • Immediate mobilization to any location across the U.S.
  • Acquisition of certificates of insurance
  • Coordination and securing of building permits
  • Procurement of all necessary materials
  • Management of any owner-supplied materials
  • Finalization, execution and management of the construction schedule
  • Review and processing of any change orders
  • Direct weekly operational meetings
  • Design and implementation of any changes and / or contingencies

What Post-Construction Services does HRBDx offer? 

In order to help a client fully realize their vision, we do not stop once construction has been completed. HRBDx offers comprehensive Post-Construction services that will provide our clients with the tools needed to seamlessly transition from Construction to Maintenance. These optimization services include:

  • Coordination of punch lists
  • Site walk-throughs and transition to store manager and operations
  • Close out of building permits, outstanding contracts and documentation
  • Expeditious tenant allowance documentation
  • Warranty and Emergency services

How can HRBDx advise you?


HRBDx leverages our industry knowledge to advise clients and keep them one step ahead of project requirements. Our team members have insight into all aspects of the construction and housing industries so that we could plan today for what will be coming tomorrow. This includes the constantly shifting environmental regulations at the Federal, State and City levels. In today’s uncertain world we offer reassurance and incorporate the necessary measures and precautions into the planning and design process. Plan today but build for tomorrow.


Is HRBDx able to help me “Go Green” and facilitate Environmental Sustainability?


We at HRBDx believe that an environmentally sustainable approach to designing, planning and executing any project is the best way to ensure that all protected resources and ecosystems remain available for generations to come. We work to incorporate environmental responsibility into each of our projects and our experts will advise you on attaining the best possible balance for the project and the environment. We will also create safeguards around these options to prevent any inflationary effects on the proposed budgets and will deploy such tasks in an effort to reduce risk and fines at a later point in time. We can also advise you on existing projects and structures so as to reduce their carbon footprint, make them more energy efficient or better utilize available resources in a more responsible capacity. In many instances, these tasks will provide a Return On Investment and result in near term and / or long term cost savings.


No Matter what, HRBDx CAN!


HRBDx has no limitations as we provide services for a range of clients from High-End and Luxury customers, medical offices, residential homes and all levels of apartments. We also have the ability to collaborate at the conceptualization, design and planning phases as well as provide advisement services.